Duffield School


Duffield School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into cooking, sketching or movie-making, there's something for you!

Note: Some options have a fee associated with them; please refer to this year's selections below for costs.

Term 1 Options - Tuesday


Students will be invited to study the game of bowling and learn how to keep score, going to the Wabamun bowling alley for seven out of the twelve classes. Students will be expected to improve their ability as they practice five pin bowling. 

Cost: $40


In this option, students will have an opportunity to create their very own soapstone sculpture, choosing one soapstone carving kit from the variety provided. Kits come complete with a piece of soapstone, rough-hewn into an animal shape, a rasp, various grades of sandpaper and a tube of finishing oil.

Cost: $20

Sports Management

Learn how to plan, organize and run sports tournaments and events. Students in this option will be responsible for planning and running intramurals for the Spartan School Community. Learn everything, from scheduling to stats, while sampling the sports to see which one will work best!

Cost: None

Musical Theatre 

This is a two-term commitment for every Tuesday. Next March, the Junior High Music Theater Option will be performing Peter Pan: A Musical Adventure.  If you have ever considered taking a risk and performing in front of an audience, this is the perfect time!  Whether you want to try out for Peter Pan or Wendy, or swab the deck as a pirate on Captain Hook’s Ship, or refuse to grow up as one the Lost Boys, this option is for you. You will have to help with collecting materials for costumes, props and sets.

Cost: None

Calligraphy/Graphic Design

Come learn the art of beautiful handwriting and calligraphy!  It is a relaxing, mindful activity that can transform various types of written typography. From card-making to lettering - we do it all!  You will also learn about the world of graphic design, using your newfound calligraphy talents, social media and digital tools to create various elements of design.

Cost: $10

Term 1 Options - Thursday

Crafts for Gift Giving

In this option, students will create a variety of crafts suitable to give as gifts. Students will occasionally be required to supply their own basic tools (e.g. a hammer) but most of supplies will be provided for the fee charged. Explore your artistic side and create a memorable gift for a loved one in this option.

Cost: $25

School of Rock

Are you interested in being a rock star? If so, then come join us! In this option, you will be put into a band, pick a few songs to learn, and at the end, perform in front of your fans! Though newbies are welcome, if you have any experience in voice, guitar, drums or keyboard, your talents are needed - we are looking for YOU!  All that is required is a positive attitude and a dedication to improving your musical abilities. After-school practices near performance dates are to be expected, and members of the band will need to attend.

Cost $10

Strategic Board Games

Can you create a board game that is both playable and fun - perhaps even marketable? Students will explore and play various board games that involve using a number of different strategies. Afterwards, students will create a board game of their own, applying some the mechanics and ideas they learned from playing other games.

Cost: None


Students will take a look at Wellness in our community.  Working with the WE School program, students will design and implement wellness initiatives both locally and globally. Students will have the opportunity to apply to attend WE Day.

Cost: None


Find your inner Foodie! Throughout the term, you will be learning the basic techniques of cooking and baking, measuring, food safety and meal planning. You will also be looking at and following recipes, enhancing your palette as you experiment with flavours and spices. There will be an additional cost for students to attend the Culinary program at NAIT.

Cost: $40

Classroom/Office Assistants

Students will be assigned to a classroom, helping the teacher and students in various activities. Students may also help in the office with various duties.

Cost: None